Operations Manager - Coach

Robin is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in Portland, OR and the owner of World Class Athletics.  Robin first got exposed to MMA through kickboxing and fitness classes in 2006.  In 2011 she took her first fight and has since distinguished herself as one of the top 125lb female fighters in the region. She was the FCFF Female Fighter of the Year in 2011 and also received the FCFF Most Unique Finish 2013 for her powerbomb slam knockout of Katie Howard. She began competing in Muay Thai in 2016 and is looking to begin a professional boxing career in the near future.  Robin is also a member of the Oregon Rugby Sports Union Women’s Premier League team, a player on the Portland Hunters touch rugby team, and a coach for the Reed Men’s and Women's Rugby teams. 


Alex Branom


Alex Branom started with the original Team Quest in 2003 and received his purple belt under Eddie Bravo in 2011. He also spent some time in Thailand, where he travelled and trained throughout the country. He is a Rajanderm Stadium veteran and has trained with legendary Jean Wayne Parr, Saenchai sor Koingstar, Pornsehnee Sitmonchai, Hongthonglex, the best of the best in Muay Thai. He graduated from TeamQuest’s instructors’ course in 2007 and has been coaching since 2008. In the past four years, he has competed in 14 MuayThai matches. Now that he is back in the US, he has been focusing on his MMA career and developing his Muay Thai for MMA


Cody Isaacson

kickboxing & MMA Instructor


Cody has been training martial arts over 15 years. He started with taekwondo when he was 16 and competed and medaled internationally & nationally in W.T.F. Taekwondo competitions. Cody has competed in Muay Thai and Kickboxing for 5 years. For grappling he is a purple belt under Luiz Pedro in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has spent 4 years training Greco Roman wrestling for MMA under former US Olympic Wrestling Head Coach Matt Lindland. Cody is undefeated as a pro MMA fighter at 2-0 and is 10-2 in his last 12 MMA and Kickboxing fights overall. He has competed all over the U.S., as well as in Canada and in China. Cody has coached and cornered over 100 athletes in competition for MMA and Kickboxing bouts, many of those bouts were for championships. Cody's former Youth Program has produced over 20 athletes that have medaled in various competitions.

George Gonzalez

Head Boxing Instructor

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George Gonzales has been coaching boxing for over 25 years.  He was David Banks's coach when he won The Contender.  

He works with all ages and ability levels.  His students range from 5-70 years old, and include professional MMA and Muay Thai fighters as well as professional boxers.  George's style promotes good footwork, technical striking, and mobility.