Portland Kids Martial Arts Program

Children's Programs:

Kids Class: In an era where social media dominates much of our time, it is really important to teach our children how to handle themselves in real-life situations. We incorporate team building along with sport and self-defense techniques including kids boxing and Muay Thai.  Our program is designed to have both structured play and instruction.

We welcome all school-age children, generally 5-12 years old (exceptions are made). Older kids are encouraged to take a leadership role with the younger, fostering a sense of community.

Our Kids Class emphasizes collaborative learning while developing body awareness and improved health and fitness.   There is an opportunity to participate in competitions for those who are interested.

Boxing: Our youth boxing program teaches fundamental skills such as footwork and proper punching form. They will learn the discipline of a martial art while mastering different punching combinations with a highly experienced instructor.

Instructor: George Gonzales

Muay Thai: Our children's Muay Thai incorporates traditional Thai training customs with the beautiful martial art of Thailand.  It includes punches, elbows, knees, kicks, and throws.

Instructor: Dom Guzman