Portland Strength & Conditioning

Instructors: Robin Woods, Dom Guzman, Rachel Soderberg, Jenna Tegner

World Class Athletics believes in promoting fitness and health to everyone, whether you choose to be an athlete and competitor or just want to improve your quality of life. We offer small group Strength & Conditioning classes as well as personal training to help you reach your goals. Some of our athletes have competed in Strength & Conditioning competitions while others use it to supplement their chosen sport.

There are two common misconceptions that keep people from trying Strength & Conditioning.

1)They think they need to be in shape first. Our goal is to help you GET IN SHAPE. Don't let fear stop you from reaching your goals. World Class Athletics and Strength & Conditioning Orbis are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for all fitness and skill levels.

2)Strength & Conditioning is dangerous. There is risk inherent in every part of life. However, it is important to realize that there are steps that can and should be taken to mitigate those risks. Strength & Conditioning Orbis believes RECOVERY is just as important as your workout itself and strives to educate its members on its importance. Lastly, there is a HUGE difference between pursuing Strength & Conditioning for FITNESS and Strength & Conditioning as a SPORT.